What is Artificial Hedge

Definition of artificial hedge.

Artificial Hedge is one kind of instant hedge which is synthetically made according to plant hedgings appearance and structure, so it looks like plant hedge in appearance. The materials used to make artificial hedge can be PE material, fabric, PVC, etc. And the service time of artificial hedge is from 2 to 5 years based on its type. Usually, artificial hedge is used as privacy protection screen or used for decoration in residential and commercial areas.


Different names of artificial hedge.

Artificial hedge, as one new hedge in market, has many names like artificial privacy hedge, artificial hedging, artificial boxwood hedge, plastic fence, fence privacy screen, plastic fence panels, instant privet hedge, faux hedge, fake hedge. According to hedges application in different places, it is also called outdoor privacy screen, balcony privacy screen, patio privacy screen, deck privacy screen, instant garden fence, etc.

Varieties of artificial hedge.

Artificial hedge, according to its artificial plant types and structure, can be divided into following varieties,
1) Landscape leaves hedge
2) Weaving hedge, also called artificial grass hedge
3) Artificial leaves hedge
4) PVC fence
5) Vine fence with wood backing

Furnishing fence, also called Artificial box hedge

Features and benefits of Artificial Hedge:
1) Artificial and lifelike. Artificial hedge looks the same as natural plant hedge, they share nearly the same appearance and structure.

2) Aesthetic. Artificial hedge can remains green, nice, and keep its bright color all the year round, it aesthetic appearance without withering can work for you for a very long time.
3) UV protected. Artificial hedge is resistant to low and high temperature, 40 Celsius to -40 Celsius is no problem for its normal working.
4) Artificial hedge is eco-friendly, safe. It is free of watering, fertilizer, insecticide, and insects or snakes will not search food within it, so no worries about harm from those dangerous animals or insects.

5) Easy to install. The installation of artifiical hedge is very simple and instant, no special tools are needed.
6) Long time working time, artificial hedge has 2 to 5 years service time based on its types.
7) Wide application. Artifcial Hedge can be used in commercial and residential areas for decor or privacy screen. For example, artificial hedge can be used as balcony, deck, patio privacy screen in residential areas it can also be used in commercial area like hotel or stores to creat greenery screen which can give visitors impressive visual experience.

8) Boundary, Privacy protection. Artificial hedge can create good boundary or barricade to set up new blocks, for example, artificial hedge can be put in hotel or restaurant hall to set up many private separation blocks so that the privacy of customers in each block can be perfectly protected Also artificial hedge wall can be used as neighbourhood privacy screen to prevent unwanted views been witnessed by neighbor or passer-by.
9) Decoration. Artificial privacy hedge is great for you to decorate yard fence, fencing, railing, etc due to artificial privacy hedges nice visual outward appearance.


Application of artificial hedge,
1) For fencing decoration.
2) For railing decoration.
3) For wall decoration.
4) For corridor design.
5) For bad scenery design covering.
6) Artificial Hedge can help set up shady and cool shelter that is far away from strong sunshine.


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