How to find the excellent artificial hedge

Artificial hedges become more and more popular for residential and commercial decor and privacy protection. As a artificial hedge producer, we would like to share some tips with you, and teach those customers and distributors how to find the excellent artificial hedges.

Firstly, let us see some images of excellent and defective artificial hedges.


Excellent Artificial hedges: fresh color and lifelike appearance burr-free excellent processing in details fresh materials instead of recycled materials are used in production.



Defective artificial hedges: strange & irregular color less braches and leaves with burr there the recycled materials are used in production rough processing in details.

Then how to find the best artificial hedges in market? Now just read the following factors, and you will win in deal!

Key factors needed to consider when looking for excellent artificial hedge:
1. Flatness, thickness, and roughness. Each leaf of excellent artificial hedge is smooth and thick enough, no burr is there.

2. Weight. Weight is one important facor that influence the price of artificial hedge. When artificial hedges have the same type and material, the heavier one has better quality, of cource, its price is higher.

3. Toughness. Leaves and braches of excellent artificial hedge are excellent in ductibility, excellent hedge is ductile. If the leaves and braches are fragile, some recycled materials may be used in production.

4. Color. Excellent artificial hedge has nice and bright color, few defect. The defective artificial hedge has black spots when we check it under the sun, and its color is darker than excellent one.

Are you clear now? If yes, just go and make it.

To check excellent artificial hedges, click artificial hedges .

Release date:2015/6/26 11:10:18
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