How to recognize UV protected outdoor artificial hedges

Outdoor artificial hedges are very common in our daily life, there are many suppliers selling outdoor artificial hedges, excellent and defective outdoor artificial hedges are all there for you to choose, to help you find excellent outdoor artificial hedge, we will tell you how to find good UV protected artificial hedges for outdoors.


Outdoor artificial hedges

Among all quality of exterior artificial hedges, UV protection is one important factor that decides the hedges service time and function, because exterior artificial hedges are exposed in sunshine all the time, its color and function must be guaranteed to realize its full value. For a new comer  in this industry, it is not easy to tell UV protected imitation hedges from those ordinary worse hedges. The following two ways will tell you how?

1) Test by environmental protection department.
Send artificial hedges to SGS for test, the test result will tell whether the artificial hedges are UV protected or not. The quality of those faux hedges tested by environmental department is always much more excellent and guaranteed. This is the most authoritative way for professional supplier who need large quantity excellent artificial hedges.

2) Time test.
The artificial hedges with UV protection will not fade easily, its color can be kept for at least 1 year without fading.

The most popular outdoor artificial hedge is artificial boxwood hedge, boxwood hedges are popularly used in commercial and residential public areas for landscaping or privacy screen, so its nice impressive appearance is rather important for consideration. And those UV protected artificial boxwood hedge always has nicer and brighter color after a period of working time than other ordinary hedges, the following is SUNWING uv protected artificial boxwood hedge,



Application of artificial boxwood hedge,


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