How to choose good ultraviolet absorbent for artificial plants

As we have discussed in the last passage that artificial plants can resist ultraviolet ray because its materials are mixed with ultraviolet absorbent which can delay the fading of artificial plants original color till 3 ~ 5 years, it means, 3~5 years later, the absorbent exhaused. Then what kind of absorbent can be called excellent? Just read the following details, you will get to know how to choose it.


1) Excellent in absorbtion of ultraviolet ray, especially ray with its wavelength ranged from 290~400nm.

2) Good thermostability and low evaporation, it means few changes of quality will happen when heated.

3) Chemical stability, will not have new chemical reaction with component in materials.

4)  Good miscibility, it can be mixed in the materials evenly, no blooming, no exudation.

5) Good photochemistry stability, the absorbent itself will not change in color, no chemical decomposition.

6) Colorless, smell less, non-toxic.

7) Resistance to dip.


Release date:2015/12/28 10:42:31
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