Try Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Hedge Rolls for Green Walls
Many people who do not understand the artificial boxwood wall will wonder how they are used for decoration and whether the installation is troublesome. We recently completed an outdoor project and can give you a reference for outdoor applications.

How to Choose Artificial Boxwood for Installation

Our installation project is a building in a residential area. The surrounding greening environment is relatively good, so the color of the artificial fence selected needs to be integrated with the surrounding environment.
Four artificial hedges were selected for this project, including dark green artificial boxwood hedge rolls and artificial ivy leaves fences, and two artificial leaf fences in light colors. This color-matching design is more beautiful than monochrome.The natural color is as if these fences are growing on the wall. Several products can withstand long hours of sunlight outdoors, and you don��t have to worry about them becoming unsightly due to fading.

How to Install Artificial Hedge Roll on the Exterior Wall

1. Install the iron mesh sheet according to the size of the wall: use an electric drill to drill holes in the wall, and then fix the iron mesh sheet to the wall with screws.

2. Splice the fence in one direction and roll it up.

3. Fix the fence on the wall: With the help of a scaffold, put the rolled artificial plant wall down from the upper end of the wall to make it fit with the iron mesh sheet, and then fix the product on the iron mesh with a cable tie.

If you want artificial boxwood hedges for outdoor decoration, we can help you and provide design solutions. As a factory, we have the ability to provide a artificial hedge wall with stable quality that you can use with confidence.
Release date:2020-04-23 17:50:18
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