Three simplest steps tell you how to clean artificial plants?

Artificial plants are designed and imitated according to the structure of real plant by technicians, they are made of highly imitated materials which make artificial plants look vivid and bright in colors.

For advantaves, artificial plants bring convenience, aesthetics, efficiency, and economy to our daily life. For example, taking a proper quantity of artificial plants like artificial flower, tree, topiary ball into home design can add extraordinary impression due to its lifelike structure, and you do not need to watering or fertilizing them compared with real plants, this saves us much time and money. Also, artificial plants do need few maintenance, but more or less we need to give them a little time to keep it in perfect pleasing condition. Now let us learn three simplest way to clean artificial plants, please follow the following steps to clean your beautiful plants,


1. Use electric hair drier to clear the dust over artificial flowers. After a short time of placing artificial flower or other artificial plants on your desk, hair drier is truely the best tool for you to clean dust.

2. Use rags to scrub those artificil plant over which there are many dust For those polluted artificial plant, immerse them in high concentrations of saline water for two hours, then take them out, and wash artificial plant in water, never scrub silk leaves or flower with might in case the leaf or flower is damaged.


3. Dry the artificial plant in the air.

After this three simplest steps, your artificial plants returned to new condition.



Release date:2015/11/2 16:38:53
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