Four factors to tell a good artificial hedges supplier

In the market, artificil hedges in different quality level can be seen here and there A good artificial hedge supplier can offer good items with guarantee and satisfactory service,to work with good artificial hedge supplier is efficient and profitable, but a bad artificial hedge supplier is shortsighted at seeking their own benefits without seeking long-term business relation, or they just want to sell their bad items to realize seasonal sales goal, so find the best artificial hedges supplier is really a very important factor that will lead a long-term business or shortsighted one. The following four factors will assist you in finding a good artificial hedge supplier whose hedges are made of new fresh materials instead of recycled material.

1) Transmittance of light. Good artificial hedges leaves are good in transmittance of light while bad ones can be seen spots scattered over the leaves.

2) Tenacity. The better artificial hedge is, its tenacity is better.

3) Glossiness. Artificial hedges made of good material is excellent in glossiness.

4) Odor. Artificial hedges made of new fresh material are odorless.

With the foregoing four factors in your mind, check with your eyes, touch it with your hands, smell it with your nose, then you will have your ideas.


Release date:2016/4/12 11:16:17
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