Decorative fence ideas by artificial greenery wall, zero upkeep

Many families often use fences around private gardens to achieve zoning and privacy protection. There are iron and white PVC fences on the market. Now let us share another new and chic garden decoration solution and decorative fence ideas by artificial greenery wall.

(1) If only the pursuit of privacy protection can clearly delineate the courtyard area, then the following basic style realized by single foliage artificial hedge mat will be perfect, not only for privacy screening, but also for landscape thanks to its vivid nature like appearance.




(2)If you want to achieve the goal of protecting privacy and zoning, and you also want to add some bright spots to your garden, this laurel foliage hedge screen is the hot-selling, its wild green color, great density and easy upkeep has won thousands of house owner��s heart.


If you want your privacy screen decoration to be a little richer and more characteristic, artificial greenery wall with various foliage and flowers will be better for your choice.


(3)if you want to get rid of the old iron fence or PVC fence and need a new inspiring decorative fence ideas, artificial greenery wall planter may be your right man. Artificial hedge planter can be free from the walls, you can put it everywhere you like, and the scope of your garden can be redefined instantly at any time, it will also brings outstanding nature-like beauty to your garden or yard in a few hours.


A fence gives definition to the space, but may still allows unobstructed views with artificial greenery wall, it will not only add instant while nice privacy screening to your garden fence, but also brings long lasting greenery sight. As one new decorative fence idea, artificial greenery wall has won large popularity for instant landscape building or design.  

Release date:2018/9/7 16:31:30
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