How to find the best artificial boxwood hedges?

Artificial hedges like artificial boxwood hedges are very popular in Europe and America for interior and exterior decoration and landscaping, artificial boxwood hedges are largely used in garden, street, home and square.


Excellent products always bring us with best feedback from our customers, so finding excellent products plays a very improtant role in success business. Then when artificial hedges suppliers are looking for excellent artificial boxwood hedges, what kind of details should be considered? As a professional artificial boxwood hedges manufacturer, we share the following tips for those artificial boxwood hedges suppliers as well as artificial plants supplier to consider,

1. Flatness, thickness, and roughness. Each leaf of excellent artificial plant is smooth and thick enough, no burr is there.

2. Weight. Weight is one important facor that influence the price of artificial plants. When artificial plants have the same type and material, the heavier one has better quality, of cource, its price is higher.

3. Toughness. Leaves and braches of excellent artificial plants are excellent in ductibility, excellent fake plants are ductile. If the leaves and braches are fragile, some recycled materials may be used in production.

4. Color. Excellent artificial plants have nice and bright color, few defect.


Excellent artificial boxwood hedges has the following characteristics,
1) UV protected
2) Fire resistant
3) No heavy metal
4) Fresh PE material, never recycled PE material

Release date:2015/12/15 16:17:19
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