Artificial hedge makes instant plants fence screen

artificial-hedges-for-privacy-fence-screenArtificial hedge makes instant plants fence screen.
Covering fence is very common for most homeowners. As we all know, naked fence always lack a certain beauty in color, style, and greenery, especially during those period when the fence has been built for a long time, homeowners may feel tired of the plain fence color. But, if you take some minutes to surf internet and will find many interesting and amazing ideas for fence covering, and you will find living plants is the most popular items used to cover fence, however, you do need to consider some things before you choose living plants for fence covering,
1) Do you have enough time to cultivate living plants? If you have much free time to take care of living plants, you can choose your favorite plants and let it grow for your fence, and have your patience to wait till your fence nicely covered by those plants. Otherwise, do not choose living plants for fence covering. 

2) Do you have experience and patience in planting? As we all know, beautiful flowers need excellent gardeners, to make good plants fence screen, it also fits. If you lack confidence in planting healthy plants, stop it and try other ways, this action will save you much time for other meaningful and happy things.

3) Do you want this plants grow for a very long time? Are you a one girl guy? Just a joke. Well, if you want your fence covering changes frequently as long as you want, do not choose living plants for fence privacy screen.

Each option is important depending on what you want for your fence. If the answer to these three qustions are all negative, another highly realistic, zero upkeep plants can help you solve all those problems, it is artificial hedges fence screen. Have a look at the following application of artificial hedge for fence screen,


Artificial hedges look like living plants, but compared with living plants, it is very easy to plant or to be replaced, only very short time is enough for you to get one piece of plants fence covering. In addition, artificial hedges have many plants types for option, like boxwood hedge, cypress hedge, ivy vine hedge, bamboo hedge, grass fence covering, lattice plants hedge, lemon leaves fence covering, etc., you can change fence covering every month as long as you want. Just tell supplier your favorate plants, then they can make it for you.

Besides its complete variety, artificial hedges can be a perfect privacy screen with UV function, it can stop ultraviolet light outside of fence, ladies will love it most, let alone add some lovely silk flowers to the screen. For plants fence screen, artificial hedges can be the best replacement.

SUNWING, as a factory of artificial plants, offer a wide range of high quality artificial hedges privacy fence screens as well as green walls that can be customized to fit any type or size of fence, just feel free to contact.

Release date:2017/1/23 16:37:44
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