Artificial boxwood hedge for an outside wall

Have you ever seen an outside wall totally covered by green plants? Or do you see a cottage thoroughly coating green plants? Just have a look at the following pictures,


Artificial boxwood hedge wall for stair wall design



Artificial boxwood hedge for balcony wall design



Cottage green wall

Artificial boxwood hedges are very easy to install and maintain, while it brings the same aesthetics as living boxwood to outside wall. To make things better, artificial boxwood hedge is UV protected, its green color or other nature color can be kept the same for a long time, no worry about fallen leaves or seasonal change of foliage color. In addition, artificial boxwood hedge has more colors than the living boxwood have, you canboxwood-hedge-wall order your favorite color of boxwood hedge to cover an outside wall, many nice colors and types are optional for application.

Sunwing supply many kinds of artificial boxwood for outside wall, just feel free to contact us for more details if you are in the industry of house design and landscape, free samples are available.

Release date:2017/2/9 11:42:29
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