77% designers think highly of artificial plants market prospect


Along with the improvement of life quality and practice of national environment protection policy, family virescence and office virescence as well as tradeshow virescence are springing up silently. Artificial plants wall, as a kind of new method for virescence, is featured with its lasting green, easy maintenance, flexibility in structure change and eco friendly materials, those advantages make artificial plants wall favored by more and more designers. It is reported that 77% designers think highly of artificial plants market prospect because people in modern society prefer to use high tech and smart things, artificial plants wall has special value for improvement of life quality. While 24% designers do not think so, they said that Chinese people are too conservative in daily living to accept artificial plants for house design. According to our statistic research and conservative prospect, the group using artificial plants will become larger and larger along with development of people living standard and ability in accepting new things, also the environment protection and energy saving movement will help to promote artificial plants, someday in the near future, artificial tree, artificial flower, artificial leaf and other artificial plants will frequently appear in our daily life.


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Release date:2015/12/9 16:23:58
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