Artificial hedges and topiaries will stun your guests

Whether it is of a wedding, corporate event or presentation evening etc. nothing will take your guests breath away quite as much as these incredible, ethereal creations.


Artificial Hedges Green Wall in red carpet activity

Choose from artificial topiaries including cherry blossom, weeping willow, oak and olive to name a few. These faux trees with interesting feature are perfect for a wedding decoration.

Topiaries are such a lovely addition to a wedding. They are sweet, romantic, classic and yet different. As we know it, greenery is important in a wedding because it sets the mood and atmosphere of the event. It makes the wedding day stand out from everyday occasions. To have greenery at a wedding does not mean that a bride has to have large arrangements. After all, a bride wants her day to stand out from the rest. So think about using topiaries as decor throughout your wedding celebration.
Wedding planners looking to set themselves apart from the crowd, will undoubtedly be looking for the perfect centerpieces and backdrops.
Some weddings have extensive artificial hedges and plants brought in to create a story book wonderland. Artificial hedges make for great photography backdrops, or dividers. Every bride wants her wedding to be the most memorable day of her life, and wedding planners are scrambling to make that happen.


Artificial Vertical Garden For Wedding Activity Decor

The perfect wedding arch is an important part of any wedding. Many of the rental arches are very cheap and have bad plastic looking. While we SUNWING Industries Ltd provides the high quality and natural looking artificial topiaries, hedges and flowers for the wedding arcch.

Many people have not yet seen artificial boxwood hedge and may not imagine how it could be exciting with the decoration of artificial boxwood hedge. It adds bright color, it adds good texture, and adds something extra as nice as an image show in peoples minds.

SUNWING Indutries Ltd began selling artificial boxwood hedge two years ago, and since then sales have exploded, especially among commercial property owners. Our artificial topiaries come to you already potted in either a plain plastic pot or a beautiful decorative planter. If you choose one with a plastic pot, it can easily be placed inside the urn or ceramic pot of your choice or wrapped in beautiful burlap and tied off with a bow or length of rope. 

With the decor and landscaping of artificial topiaries and artificial hedges for wedding, corporate event or presentation evening, the atmosphere will become memorable, impressive and lovely to please, smooth the people there.

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