Artificial Hedges: New Perfect Greenery Privacy Screening For Courtyard Fencing

Courtyard is usually a semi-open place in a house, sometimes courtyard is also a secrect place where privacy are strictly protected. Artificial hedges, as one kind of nice instant plant screening, are also available for courtyard privacy protection, artificial plant privacy screening is one kind of perfect and creative instant privacy screening for our courtyard, any forms of courtyard fencing, even brick fencea can be decored by artificial hedges screening.


1) Artificial Hedges can be attached to all kinds of courtyard fencing, even brick fence is ok

2) Artificial plant hedges make the courtyard fencing impressive and aesthetic

3) Artificial plant hedges screening can create perfect privacy screening for yard.

4) Artificial hedge screening for courtyard fencing is economic in money and energy, easy to realize and maintain.

Review how suchlike artificial plant hedges work on courtyard fencing, please refer to

Release date:2015/9/29 16:50:31
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