Styling Our House With Artificial Hedges

artificial-plants-wall-smallIntroducing your visitors by adorning the exterior and interior landscapes of a corporate property can be the best idea. Creating the first impression should be the key to everyones heart. Through the placement of artificial plants wall like artificial boxwood hedges or fake ivy mats, your plain walls can be turned into lush green ones. Changing furniture and upholster cannot bring complete change until any greenery is introduced.
Artificial hedges in recent years has advanced incredibly which makes the product much more flexible and suitable for different environments and designs. The foliage of artificial hedges wall that is used now looks 100% botanically accurate and UV stable which means it will not discolor or fade outdoors leaving it fully maintenance free and looking lush and healthy for many years, all year round.


They are extremely versatile and can be used to improve privacy in your garden or to create beautiful borders along garden edges, on balconies and patios. Easy to install due to the fact they are manufactured on a square grid panel, the plastic boxwood tiles are simply sectioned together in a similar way to wall tiles. This means they look exactly like a living hedge and can be tailored to your requirements.


Also, artificial plants need few maintenance, you do not need to watering or fertilizing them compared with real plants, this saves us much time and money. Just need 3 simplest ways to clean up to keep it in perfect pleasing condition.
1. Use electric hair drier to clear the dust over artificial flowers. After a short time of placing artificial flower or other artificial plants on your desk, hair drier is truly the best tool for you to clean dust.

2. Use rags to scrub those artificial plant over which there are many dust For those polluted artificial plant, immerse them in high concentrations of saline water for two hours, then take them out, and wash artificial plant in water, never scrub silk leaves or flower with might in case the leaf or flower is damaged.

3. Dry the artificial plant in the air.
Add a special touch to your garden and impress your guests this summer with high-quality artificial boxwood hedges created from only the finest materials.

Release date:2017/1/17 11:38:36
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