About artificial boxwood hedges panel

Sunwing industries limited specializes in manufacturing artificial boxwood hedges panel, with great popularity in European, American and Middle East market. Our hot-selling artificial boxwood hedge panels have set up new business connections and new markets.

Artificial boxwood hedges touch like natural real boxwood for high simulation. There are varieties of colors and models for your choice, for the color, we have green boxwood hedge, red, white, blue, yellow, orange for the types, we have short artificial boxwood hedges panel and long one.


For its raw material, artificial boxwood hedge panels are made from UV protected PE materials, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration and landscaping. Thanks to its excellent materials and surface treatment, the warranted lifetime of artificial boxwood hedges can last 3-5 year, or much longer time if you require.

When artificial boxwood hedge panels are installed to cover building or garden fence, it not only beautify your surroundings to bring you a kind of happiness sense, but also make your place more private and pleasing to have a good rest.


Release date:2016/5/3 17:35:51
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