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Artificial boxwood hedge is one popular artificial decorative plants which can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration. For indoor decoration, artificial boxwood hedge in the form of box can set up green wall for screens, it can also be attached to blank empty blank wall to make up outstanding impressive indoor green wall For ourdoor decoration, artificial boxwood hedge is often used to cover the wall to have a green wall, or attach boxwood hedge mat to fence to set up artificial boxwood hedge fence which is nice and great for privacy protection, it may be used to set green wall backgroud for billboards, what is more, boxwood hedge panels are applied to form plants box for window, patio, deck, etc. All in all, artificial boxwood are largely used for many application.

Nowadays, artificial boxwood hedge for window box is very hot, not only residential family units but also commercial areas can be found artificial boxwood hedge for window box. Artificial boxwood hedge for window box is hot because it looks nice in appearance, and harmonious with its surroundings. In addition, artificial boxwood hedge for window box is one easy operating, economical, and nice way to docorate our place due to its free of watering, fertilizing, mowing and non-stereotype characteristics.


Artificial boxwood hedge window box mainly has two types, they are artificial boxwood hedge, and artificial boxwood ball which is also called artificial buxus ball.


            Artificial boxwood hedge for window box


       Artificial boxwood ball for window box

Artificial boxwood hedge are made up of artificial boxwood hedge panels or artificial boxwwod hedge mat with a certain sizes. The same as the artificial boxwood hedge, artificial boxwood ball(artificial buxus ball) are made of the same plastic plants that are artificial boxwood. As the artificial boxwood hedge for window box, the following is the most popular artificial boxwood mat we would like to recommend, with its model number is G0602A001,

Model Number:  G0602A001
Product Category: Landscape Leaves Hedge
Colors: dark green, light green, yellow
Regular Size:50X50cm,100X100cm
Material of frame and leaves: plastic(PE)
Appearance: (50X50cm)10 branches each line, each branch with 4-layer leaves.
Leavess shape looks like heart, creating a kind of happiness sense.

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Recommendation: artificial boxwood hedge - G0602A001 now has become one of our hot-sale products for its reasonable price and high quality. High imitation makes it look like natural boxwood hedge. No matter for home use or commercial use to cover roof, fence or wall, building, its more than suitable to decoration. Besides, you neednt spent plenty of time to make maintenance. More importantly, with UV protection, it can last 3-5 years.

For the artificial boxwood ball for window box we would like to recommend is G0602C02 with its details as below,


Model Number: G0602C02
Product Category: Artificial Plants Ball
Colors: dark green, light green, yellow
Size: 18cm 28cm 38cm 48cm

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Artificial boxwood ball for window box is easy to operate,nice and harmonious with the surroundings. For the plants type, in addition to artificial boxwood, we have other topiary plants types for choice.

As one professional artificial boxwood hedge manufacturer, we try our best to make better products to set up long-term sustainable business in global market. If you are interested, welcome to send email to .

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