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Artificial Landscape Leaves Hedge
Landscape Leaves Hedge
Compared with traditional decoration materials, landscape leaves hedges have a brighter color and more vitality, and can let people feel comfortable. The ordinary size of landscape leaves hedge is 50 cm x 50 cm. With landscape leaves hedge, you can have your own scenery.
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Weaving Fence for fencing covering
Weaving Fence
In order to meet the needs of some consumers in material and style, SUNWING also produce weaving fence which is made of iron wire and artificial grass. When the wind blows, the leaves will surge like waves and make good privacy screening, the size we have in stock are 100cm x 300cm and 150cm x 300cm.
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Artificial Leaves Fence for privacy screens
Artificial Leaves Fence
This artificial leave is made of fabric, its very soft ivy leaves are very realistic, perfect for fence decor or covering, artificial ivy leaf fence is very soft and always packed in rolls. To have different visual effect, flowers or extra plants accessories can be added easily. Artificial ivy leaf rolls comes in size of 100cm x 300cm and 150cm x 300cm. 
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artificial vertical garden panels-factory direct
Artificial Vertical Garden
SUNWING produce various selections of beautiful realistic artificial vertical garden panels for residential or commercial gardening or landscapes with ordinary size of 100cm*100cm, detailed size or style can be customized. All are UV stabilized & fire retardant.
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Artificial Ball and Topiary Balls
Artificial Ball
SUNWING artificial topiary balls, crafted with high quality and excellent details, are perfect for brightening up any space for home or business use,various foliage types with bespoke size brings stunning visual aesthetics and appeal for instant landscape.
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Furnishing Fence and artificial box hedge
Artificial Hedges In Planter
Artificial hedges in planter are made by landscape leaves hedge with iron panel support within it, it is a box stand which can create boundary, separation wall, divider, or barricade between social or residential areas to set up new block,easy to move and can be used repeatedly, the ordinary sizes are 75 x 25 x 75cm and 100 x 25 x 75 cm.
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