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Artificial Landscape Leaves Hedge
Landscape Leaves Hedge
Material: fresh PE material.
Application: For landscaping, grean wall, privacy, decoration.
Size: 25X25CM, 30X30CM, 50X50CM, 100X100CM and customized size.
Types: Citrus Leaf Hedge, Osmanthus Leaf Hedge, Milan Hedge, Four Leaved clover Hedge, see more
Weaving Fence for fencing covering
Weaving Fence
Material: iron wire and fabric leaves.
Application: For landscaping, outdoor screen, decoration.
Size: 100X300CM, 150X300CM, 200x300cm, customized size.
Types: Weaving Fringes Hedge, Weaving Fringes Hedge with Leaf Decoration, see more
Artificial Leaves Fence for privacy screens
Artificial Leaves Fence
Material: fabric leaves and plastic net support.
Application: For courtyard fencing covering, railing decoration, outdoor privacy screen.
Size: 100X300CM, 150X300CM,
Types: Maple Leaves Fence, Rose Leaves Fence, Banyan Leaves Fence, see more
PVC Fence
PVC Fence
Material: PVC.
Application: Courtyard Fencing Covering, Garden Fence Covering.
Size: 1*3m 1.5*3m 2*3m 1*5m
Types: G0602C001, G0602C002, see details
Artificial Ball and Topiary Balls
Artificial Ball
Material: fresh PE material.
Application: Entrance Decoration, Space Decoration, Activity Decoration.
Size(dia.): 18cm, 28cm, 38cm, 48cm, customized size.
Types: Artificial Boxwood Ball, Artificial Topiary Ball, Artificial Privet Ball, see more
Furnishing Fence and artificial box hedge
Furnishing Fence
Material: PE Leaf, and Iron Support
Application: Block Division Wall, Activity Decoration, outdoor privacy screen, patio privacy screen, balcony privacy screen.
Size(L.W.H): 75x25x75CM, 100X25X75CM
Types: Furnishing Boxwood Fence, Furnishing Privet Fence, see more
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