Artificial Hedges In Planter
Artificial box hedge and artificial furnishing fence for privacy screen.

Artificial Hedges In Planter

artificial box hedge

Artificial hedges in planter are made by landscape leaves hedge with iron panel support within it, it is artificial hedge stand which can be directly used to create boundary, separation wall or divider, or barricade between social or residential areas to set up new block, for example, you can use this planter hedges in the garden or patio for privacy screen or for fencing decoration.

SUNWING artificial box hedges are optional in height, widths, shape, foliage types as well as its planters; Artificial hedge stand that has foliage from bottom to top without planter is also available.

Additional information,
Ordinary Color of planter box: brown, black
Material of planter box: normally in WPC, also can use fiber glass or decay wood as customer appointed.
Normal size(Length*Width*Height): 75cm*25cm*75cm; 100cm*25cm*100cm; 150cm*25cm*150cm; Custom size.
Foliage types: normally used foliage is A001 boxwood foliage, but other available foliage in the list can be designed in the form of planter.

Just check our site and tell us your favorite foliage and requirement, we will make a custom artificial hedge stand or artificial hedges in planter to your exact specifications.

artificial hedges in planter
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