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A Professional, Dedicated, Trustworthy, Sustainable Partner To Work With You.
Very Durable
Our artificial hedges and related artificial plants products are made of fresh materials that can withstand strong UV radiation, and fire retardant for greater protection. Its working time can last 5 years or more under proper use.
Our artificial hedges and plants never release chemicals into the air, and they require few maintenance jobs. Being artificial, they saves much water and fertilizer in irrigation.
User-friendly and custom design
SUNWING artificial hedge plants are very easy to use, even a wall of vertical garden can be done within a day for a whole years' landscape. And custom design service is possible for most of SUNWING artificial plants products.
Botanically correct looking
SUWNING artificial hedge plants are made from real leaves and flowers, all have botanically correct look. We sells only the most realistic qualified artificial plants for individual use or projects.
Diverse artificial plants
SUNWING has more than 10 series products covering both outdoor artificial hedges plants and artificial indoor plants for interior or exterior landscape design, hundreds of types of artificial plants, foliage, flowers, grass are available.
Competitive price
All artificial plants products here are factory direct, that means importers, distributors or retailers make more money by sourcing with SUNWING. We provide the most competitive and reasonable prices in the market to support our partners.
Provide diverse artificial hedge plants to match different landscape design
Feature Wall Design
Highway Bridge Landscape
Shop Decoration
Feature Wall Design
Highway Bridge Landscape
Shop Decoration
Privacy Screening
Instant Green Wall
Interior Landscape
Privacy Screening
Instant Green Wall
Interior Landscape
Interior Designers & Landscaper; Retail Outlets; Architects & Project Designers; Event Organizers; Plant Rentals or Hire Company
SUNWING artificial plants have thousands of satisfied customers
from more than 50 countries covering five main continent.
“I have received the artificial fence grass already and installed. They looked really beautiful and real and we are very satisfied with the quality. However, after installing, we find that we did not have enough as we miscalculated and is it possible for us to order another batch of the same type (purple flower) of 30sq meter from you? Also, do you have artificial plant and small plant tree? Thanks and would appreciate your reply.”
“These are the pictures of the fence we put the grass on. A lot of our clients and friends like it very much as it very much as it looked real. Cheers!”
“I'm looking for this kind of products for last 3 months in china, talked to more than 60 or 70 factories, you are the first one who understands exactly what I'm talking about and react how it have to be, respond very fast, have all certificates, and many more.
now I stop talking to everybody else, hope that tomorrow I can find everything what I'm looking for in your factory.”
Whether you are a business agent , landscaper, designer or architect, SUNWING is ready for serving you.
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